About Mirka

Mirka Scalco Kraftsow was born and raised in Italy, and has been a health practitioner and educator since 1974. She traveled and studied different modalities of dance, movement, psychology, and meditation in India, Europe, and the United States. Mirka has been teaching in the Viniyoga methodology since 1981, and practicing yoga therapy since 1988. She has helped hundreds of individuals develop and maintain a personal practice and manage challenging personal and therapeutic conditions.

Mirka is gifted with both the capacity and the passion to creatively communicate and work in private consultation, both in person and on the telephone, and her work has enriched the experience of students of many yoga modalities all around the world. In group classes, she uses her extensive background to integrate body awareness and imagery with the Viniyoga principles. Mirka’s own experience and intuition strongly influence her teachings, as do tradition, creativity, innovation, and evolution.

Mirka is the Co-Director of the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI) and Co-Teacher of AVI’s Teacher Training Program. Mirka works closely with faculty assistants and students to support their understanding, integration, and application of the teachings in their personal and professional lives.

Mirka has consulted on several successful Yoga studies nationwide, and developed material with Gary Kraftsow for his two books “Yoga for Wellness” and “Yoga for Transformation.”

Mirka lives in Sebastopol and is available for private sessions. She leads retreats, seminars, and workshops in the USA and Italy.


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